Upside Down

Parents have an enormous influence on the abilities, behaviour and social network of their children. Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher.

DSIEF hopes to ensure that parents (as well as families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals) understand that it is essential to enroll the child into an early intervention programme.

The Upside Down course provides information and stimulation techniques for very young children with Down Syndrome. These courses are held during each school term at each of our partner schools, or by special arrangement at any other area in the Western Cape.

The  Upside Down workshop offers parents specific exercises for gross and fine motor development and techniques for teaching children with Down Syndrome their first cognitive skills, self-help and social skills. The goal of the workshop is to equip parents with the necessary fundamental knowledge and ability to maximize their child’s potential in their school career.

Furthermore, we will discuss related themes and answer questions. The goal is to help parents to understand their child’s (dis)ability and become comfortable in their early teaching role.

Research has shown that early intervention can greatly benefit learners with Down Syndrome. The workshop can be seen as a foundation for those who would like their child to join the Early Impact preprimary and primary school programmes at a later stage.

If you cannot wait and/or do not want to be in a group situation, we are open to help you with 1:1 meetings. Please contact for appointments.